How to use Split Tunneling in AngelVPN Android TV App

The Split Tunnelling feature allows you to securely browse most websites and services, even in countries with strict internet censorship or government surveillance.

When your VPN is connected, all DNS queries, including those from applications that are designated to use the VPN, are always routed through the VPN network to prevent DNS leaks. Here’s how to activate Split Tunnelling.

With this feature, you can maintain access to your local network and connected devices without any issues. There is no need to worry about anything else while using this feature.

How to activate split tunnelling? Follow the instructions below 👇

  • Click Hamburger icon from the top left

  • Tap Preferences.
  • Tap Advance.
  • From General settings go to the Advanced settings tab.Press the arrow icon > to setup Split tunneling feature.
  • Press Split Tunneling. By default, split tunneling is set to All apps will use VPN.
  • Select Allow only selected apps to use VPN (if you would like to run specific apps via VPN IP and the rest of the apps via your ISP IP).
  • Select Do not allow selected apps to use VPN (if you don’t want to run specific apps via VPN IP).

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